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FUMIS FlowTronic air mass flow meter

BIOMASS BOILERS, STOVES and BURNERS using Fumis controllers. Various combustion devices. General purpose mass air flow measurement as for example ventilation systems, air to air heat recuperation systems, air purifying systems, home appliances and others.

Use with FUMIS controllers (Alpha)

FlowTronic comes with a connecting cable that directly fits to Fumis combustion controllers. You only need to use the PC-PRO controller
set-up programme and enable the FlowTronic option and Flow Control combustion control. From than on, the Fan parameters set the air mass flow.

Using FlowTronic with Fumis controllers you are able to keep the combustion efficiency high regardless the current chimney draft, air temperature and overall state of the device.
In comparison to conventional combustion control you get an average improvement of more than 20%. Thanks to the precise control of the air getting in the combustion device it is possible to keep gasseous and particulate emissions at very low levels across the entire operation range.
In combination with Fumis controllers FlowTronic allows to modulate the power down to 20% of the nominal power, increasing operational stability of the devices.

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