Florian draft control technology


 Florian is an intelligent device that automatically regulates the draft in the flue gas pipe. Florian is installed on the flue gas pipe used for wood log stoves. By automatically regulating the draft in the chimney pipe Florian generates optimal combustion conditions in the stove.


  • Energetic efficency (+20% on wood stoves)
  • Patented technology
  • Absolute safety (control & alarming)
  • Maximum user comfort (no overheating, fast fires)


The automatic controller monitors the data from the flue gases temperature sensor and draft sensor. Based on acquired data Florian regulates the functioning of the ventilator and the position of the flap. This allows for a quick cold start of the stove by the user, taking into account different influential combustion factors. Special control algorithm enables optimum temperature maintenance by regulating the flow of flue gases.

Florian user benefits:

  • increases the wood stove efficiency by 20%
  • reduces CO2 emissions
  • increases comfort and safety for the final user

Become our partner!

We are looking for a business partner, which is interested in expanding the mentioned technology. Florian project offers you an excellent opportunity to:

  • increase your market share
  • increase your brand image & competitive advantage
  • increase brand value due to innovative product image

 For more information and pricing contact us at: sales@fumis.si or call
+386 (0)8 2008 825


Flag EU This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 761812

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