With Fumis you have the opportunity to focus on your business while we take care of maximizing your product value.

your product from the competition

DECREASE production costs and after-sales costs

INCREASE your product margin, product sales, and market share

ENSURE sustainable company growth STRENGTHEN brand image and brand awareness among the target audience

PROTECT the environment with cleaner green technology

Choosing Fumis you share with us a customer centric perspective about the future of biomass combustion control.

Fumis products and service have been designed with the end customers in mind in order to provide the benefits that cater to their needs. These needs reflect the values customers of biomass heating devices have in mind when making their purchasing decisions:


As a result, using Fumis controllers allow you to differentiate your stoves, burners and boilers from competition, it will make them stand out on the market and increase their value for the end costumer. This will result in increased product margins, sales, market share and strengthens brand image and awareness. In few words, Fumis help you better satisfy your customer’s needs.

On the other hand, Fumis also helps you improve your operations. Fumis products are designed to minimise mounting, installation and service times and cost. The extensive technical support and tools for managing your combustion control needs helps you shorten time to market and improve product reliability at the same time. Because of the products flexibility and modularity you can use the same platform across your whole product range and save on logistics and financing costs. 


Combustion Efficiency

Fumis maximum user comfort

  • 100 % operating autonomy
  • Prediction of remaining operating hours and biomass level control
  • Effective user communication via intuitive touch screen interface
  • Visually attractive, ergonomic design


Eco friendly

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower CO emissions
  • Lower particle emissions

Anual heating costs

Cost efficient heating

  • Lower fuel consumption due to higher efficiency
  • Lower heating cost due to optimum combustion in all operating conditions


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