FUMIS background: From a green idea to a smart product.

Years ago, searching for alternative methods of heating systems for houses and apartments, I ran across a "funny" fuel, called "wood pellets", which was at the time extensive used mostly in Canada and the colder parts of the USA. I found out this was a fuel made from simple wood mass, which was dried to a particular humidity level and - using extreme pressure - compressed into cylinders with diameter of 6-8 mm. Because of the high pressure the wood starts to excrete lignin, which binds the sawdust into solid form.

Slovenia was about 10 years behind in regards to aforementioned countries in introducing the use of this fuel. However, in recent years a few pellets producers sprung up, and there are even less of those who produce such furnaces. In contrast, some foreign markets in Europe have developed in the meantime, for example Finland, Sweden, Austria and even Italy. In Italy there at least 50 producers of stoves running on pellets, who effectively step on toes of others by taking away their market shares.

There were some classic import-export companies in Slovenia that imported heating systems and sold them in Slovenia for 10,000 EUR or more. Thus, the very price of these stoves became a great obstacle in introducing this green technology. Fortunately, near Kozina, an idea emerged in heads of a few visionaries to make a furnace that would base on Slovenian knowledge and technology. The result of these ideas and a several-year development was a boiler for individual houses, which has set new quality and pricing standards for this type of heating system on the Slovenian market.

However, as in most new products, this furnace couldn't do without the "almighty" electronics, which still had to be purchased at a certain foreign manufacturer. Since this company had almost a monopoly in this market their customer support is, of course, quite weak, their waiting periods for software updates are extremely long and their prices have shot up sky-high.

All this has led to the idea to develop our own electronics at ATech and try to get a piece of that eco-pie. We had all the necessary knowledge in electronics manufacturing so we got down to business. Starting from scratch, we had to develop everything - from the very concept of electronics and the most miniscule details in software, to PC software, manuals and market approach.

Thus, we have started with preseries of 10 systems installed in customers' homes around Koper and Kozina, enabling us constant monitoring of the performance of our electronics. The next product batch was already used for regular sales and installation. Since than FUMIS combustion controllers have been installing in an increasing array of customers and countries, from most of the EU countries, to the United States and even Turkey.

We are proving to this really interesting market, which will continue to develop itself over the years, that FUMIS controllers are the best available products. We entered the market without excessive deliberation and made the competition face the qualities this market is missing.

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