Maximum user comfort

The new Fumis ALPHA and OXY user interfaces feature a design that makes extensive use of icons and symbols, while the ALPHA uses only simple, internationally recognized text messages so the product is language neutral - no need to change when entering a new market. Special care was taken to make the messages visible from a longer distance. The result is that key messages are visible from a five-meter distance, allowing the stove to communicate with the user from the comfort of his or her couch. Maximum user comfort is ensured through 100% automatic operation and a ground-breaking feature - autonomy prediction which tells the user how many hours of heating the fuel stock will last. The design also allows the user to customize the user interface to fit their own taste and needs. The display can show a selected variable or switch between those of interest (e.g. room temperature, time and hours of autonomy). Finally the user interfaces ALPHA and OXY are touch-type and easy to clean.  

Maximium user comfort

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