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Why is ATech\'s product line FUMIS always a good choice of controlling wood biomass heating systems?

One of the main reasons is the fact that the manufacturers of combustion plants operate within higher price range due to our electronics.

The user interface is very easy to use, which can also be a great argument for increasing sales. The user interfaces are often installed in the least visible places by the furnaces\' manufacturers, because they usually affect the appearance of the plants. However, given the fact that the interface is the main and in most cases the only communicator between the combustion plant and the user, this mutual communication is limited, if the interface is positioned in the wrong place. Therefore, Atech has done its best to make a new user interface design, so that the manufacturers of combustion plants will not have to hide it anymore. Even more: they can proudly install it to the most visible place of their products.

Extra comfort is also enabled through the possibility of reading the room temperature, time and autonomy of the plant - without having to stand up from your comfortable couch. It is also possible to use \'timers\' to set any automatic operation of the furnace.

Above all, it is worth stressing that we always help our customers with some useful tips.

How can you assure that FUMIS products are always technically the best?

ATech\'s experts have been dealing with the design and manufacture of special purpose electronic circuits since 1990. Biomass combustion processes are thus well mastered, and we have also optimally adapted the logic of our controllers to them. All our products are thoroughly tested in our laboratory, moreover, they have already been tested by the end users.

How do you advise your customers with choosing the right FUMIS products, tools and additional options?

First of all, we talk to our customers to understand their needs. Only this way we can find the right approach to satisfy the latter. After that, we check the details of the combustion plant, which shall be equipped with our electronics upon customer\'s request, and determine if the installation is possible.

If the installation is deemed possible, we cooperate to find an optimal way or realization and if necessary, we offer or present some additional functions provided by our electronics, which had perhaps not been foreseen by our customer.

Otherwise, we try to determine if the plant can be processed in such a way that our electronics could nevertheless meet the expressed needs.

It should be noted that our customers are not forced choices on. The intention of our useful advice is just to help and find a potential common way for cooperation.

How does FUMIS increase the value of stoves, boilers and burners, in which it is installed?

The increase in value of the plants listed is enabled by FUMIS through several features:

  • automatic adaptation of combustion plants to different chimney systems and weather conditions,

  • the ability to reduce emissions of environmentally unfriendly substances,

  • adaptation to different types and qualities of fuels used for heating,

  • displaying the autonomy of combustion plants (autonomy means the period during which the plant is still operating with the amount of pellets in stock) and

  • an accomplished user interface design (adaptable to different furnace designs and different rooms).

An important part of your corporate support is also training of the installation personnel and servicers. How do you conduct training?

Training can be achieved in several ways. The customers can come to us to a (one day) training, where they are shown our laboratory and presented our testing of combustion plants. Then we upload the tool for parameterization and programming controllers, PC-PRO, to their computers, and teach them management. We are also happy to answer any additional questions and give the customers our best possible advise.

The second way is to visit our customers and go through a very similar process.

Once the customer has the basic knowledge, information and software tools, training and support can also be provided \'online\'.

You always create genuine partnership with your customers. What does this mean?

This means that we always respect the customers\' business orientations, preferences, market needs... Together we find a way to help them achieve their business objectives. We support them in all stages of development, production and after-sales activities. Moreover, this way of cooperation helps establishing a long-term mutual partnership.

What is the main thing, that your current custopers appreciate most with FUMIS products and services?

Our customers express satisfaction with both, the user interface appearance and the fact that the same electronics can be used in various types and models of their combustion plants.

They like the fact that all electronics is hidden in the housing, it is very easy to install and the construction of combustion plants does not require any special changes or adjustments. The user interface is linguistically neutral, so the texts do not have to be translated into different languages. This allows the manufacturers to penetrate different markets with a single product.

And obviously, besides all this, they also appreciate our high response rate whenever they need us.


Looking for more information about the FUMIS product line and our support? You are welcome to send your questions at support@fumis.si. We will be happy to answer them as soon as possible!

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