FUMIS customers have available extensive technical support in all project phases:

  • selection of the right controller, user interface, optional units and accessories for the application
  • first installation and start-up
  • performance optimization (parameter fine tuning)
  • performance test and measurement (laboratory and on-the-field)
  • technical, installation and service personnel training on the use of Fumis products and support PC software (Fumis PC-PRO) and
  • during product market life for all issues regarding the control of biomass combustion devices. 


This support is available in the Fumis laboratory and training area where customers are learning to use Fumis products and various software tools,  at customer's premises where an engineer from the Fumis team assist the customer in working with Fumis controllers and trains their personnel, remotely, in the form of telephone & e-mail consulting and by using desktop sharing software for remote direct-help.

For first installations we recommend a visit to ATech premises where all the infrastructure is in place to get your engineers started with Fumis controllers and the Fumis PC-PRO software for managing the controller set-up's. ATech also makes available its Fumis laboratory where your combustion device can be equipped with Fumis controllers and fine tuned to optimise the combustion and thoroughly tested. In such cases we take special attention to protect your know-how and intellectual property. We make sure that your device will not be seen by others as only the test engineers have access to the laboratory.

The technical support is available also on customer site or on the field as well as remotely. For remote technical support we recommend the customer to install the FUMIS PC-PRO set-up and parametrisation software and by use of desktop sharing software we are able to remotely train the customer as well as to guide him through the controller set-up and customize the functions for the specific application. 

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