Fumis customers have available a biomass combustion laboratory with skilled personnel and measurement instruments to test and measure various combustion devices. There are five test positions with a controlled draught chimney and water heat dissipation.

The laboratory is equipped with test instruments to measure temperatures, oxygen, CO, SOx, NOx, OGC and particle content in the exhaust gasses. We can measure the combustion efficiency, the lambda value and mass air flow.

Moreso, we can make pre-compliance electromagnetic disturbances measurements and perform temperature scans with a thermal camera.

Typically in our laboratory we make two types of service:

  • Installation and fine-tuning of Fumis controllers on customers devices and
  • Training to customer’s personnel on installation and parametrisation of Fumis controllers.

Each test has as a result a thorough test report. When customers products are being tested in our laboratory we put special attention to protect customer’s know-how and intellectual property by making sure that customers stoves, burners and boilers are seen by others as only test engineers have access to the laboratory. 

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