ATech offers to its customers a comprehensive set of tools and services to assist in managing their combustion product portfolio. Fumis software tools put customers in control of the many sotware versions that are needed to manage the ever larger variety of product versions.

From R&D and production environments to units on the field, Fumis has the software tool for you.

Fumis PC-PRO

The variety of the parameters that influence the combustion process and the understanding of their interdependence is critical in achieving the best possible performance from a biomass heating system.

The PC-PRO software tool available to Fumis customers puts them in control of their products features and performances. With a few clicks a controller can be set to operate as a controller for a pellet stove or a pellet boiler. As well, to activate various functions and customize the function for a specific market segment all you need is click on the pre-programmed option

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