A successful market penetration greatly depends on the installation, service and maintenance quality, especially when stoves and boilers manufacturers expand to new markets and have to put in place a these services abroad.

In view of this Fumis laboratories and a Fumis training area are available for customers to learn to use Fumis controllers and the PC software that put them in control of their products. The standard training course starts with the basics of biomass combustion control theory than we show how to use Fumis controllers. After these basics you learn how to use the PC-PRO software for the management of Fumis controllers parameterisation and customisation. The session continues in the laboratory where we show and practice how to mount a controller on a stove or boiler and we start using the PC-PRO software tool in practice.

For first installations we recommend a visit to ATech premises where all the infrastructure is in place to get your engineers started with Fumis controllers and the Fumis PC-PRO software for managing the controller set-up's.

We recommend that all R&D personnel and installation and service managers go through this training in order to be able to fully use all the benefits of Fumis. Alternatively, such training can be organised at customers’s premises.

For more about Fumis training send an e-mail to support@fumis.si or call +386 8 200 88 00. 

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