FUMIS Smart Plan - maximize your product value!

Date: 17-12-2012

We care for your business. We care for your products. We care for your customers.

That’s why we constantly develop new, innovative solutions.

That’s why we created Fumis Smart Plan.

Fumis Smart Plan will help you gear up for the future and make your products more appealing to help you attract more customers, that will be willing to pay a higher price and enable you to make more sales, with higher margins and thus step ahead of competition.

By enrolling into Fumis Smart Plan we can help you conceptualize, design, build and deploy intelligent solutions for your products. Keep up with the latest Fumis software updates, take advantage of Fumis excellence centre facilities, worldclass design and efficiency expert advice to keep your product in line with the latest trends.

Choose the Fumis Smart Plan package that fits your business needs best!

Fumis smart plan

For more information and pricing contact:
Phone: +386 82 00 8825

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